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What Do Gay And Straight People Have In Common?

April 28th, 2010 2 comments

This blog started off as an angry rant, demanding to know why homosexuals are treated so poorly in this country, but the truth is, everyone who is deemed different by the majority suffers some sort of persecution. All persecution based on race, religion, or sexual orientation, it’s stupid. Literally, stupid; as in a complete and total lack of intelligence. Imbecilic, as Websters defines it.

How can anyone hate someone else without knowing a thing about them?
I don’t think God hates “fags”. I don’t think God hates anyone. I think He feels sorry for those He must condemn, but He’ll pass the sentence just the same. I don’t think being gay is an automatic disqualification for getting into Heaven. I don’t think there is a disqualification (unfortunately) besides renouncing.

Call it the result of a liberal upbringing, but I just don’t see the big deal with homosexuality. I can’t imagine doing it myself, but that’s just me, and I have this funny little idea that my beliefs shouldn’t affect the mass majority. I don’t think that homosexuals are deviants or monsters or child molesters. I don’t care if they live in my neighborhood, and I don’t care if my kids see two guys walking down the street holding hands. I’d rather my kids didn’t see two guys making out, but then again, I don’t want my kids to see anyone making out.

Another thing; love is love. Who gives a damn who it’s between? Two men or women want to get married doesn’t really have anything to do with me, or anyone else. If they want to take the vow, what difference does it make to anyone else? How does their marriage affect your life?

Okay, so, say two people of the same sex get married or commit to a civil union. Just like that, the law says they cannot purchase family medical insurance (but individual insurance is fine), are not entitled to child custody upon ending a relationship, and cannot make medical decisions for their partner if they fall ill.

To all of which I say…wtf?!

So lemme get this straight.
Because they’re gay, they’re less qualified to raise children? They’re unfit to purchase joint medical insurance? I didn’t know being gay was a condition (even if it is, who gives a damn?). They can’t even tell the doctor that their partner may be allergic to a certain medication, because apparently, gay people can’t articulate feelings or retain information very well.

Sadly, I’m not making this up. This has really happened, and to the Nth degree.

My point to all of this is this; why are homosexuals treated as less than equals? What about how they choose to live their lives is so wrong, if they’re not trying to force their lifestyle on any one else? Why isn’t it easier to just deal with it instead of pretending it doesn’t exist or worse, trying to “cure” it and make it “right” in the eyes of God?

In my opinion, God values truth. He values honesty, and He values acceptance. What I wish we could all do, instead of competing for attention and trying to stamp out what is different and difficult to understand, is realize that there is one common bond that unites all of us.

Gay or straight, we are all human. We were put on this planet to understand one another. The sooner we realize that, the better we’re all be.

But that’s just me.

Thanks for reading.

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